Remineralize Your Teeth. Naturally.

Not every cavity requires a filling. New studies show that ozone remineralization is an effective, non-invasive way to reverse white lesions, small caries, and, in some cases, small cavities.

We use ozone gas and silver diamine fluoride to begin the process of remineralizing teeth and reversing negative effects.

Slow Down Or Reverse Tooth Decay

Parents in particular often take advantage of the opportunity to possibly slow down tooth decay. No mom or dad wants their little kids going through the procedure of getting a filling. And sometimes we can slow down tooth decay long enough in children so that their permanent teeth come in before the decay in their baby teeth gets worse.

Additionally, ozone remineralization can sometimes reverse small lesions and small caries, preventing cavities and further decay.

How It Works

Get Treatment in Office

We administer ozone remineralization therapy in-office once a month for three months.

Continue Treatment at Home

In addition to in-office ozone treatments, you will brush daily with Silver TOOTHGEL and Common Sense teeth cleaning powder.

Avoid Decay-Causing Foods

For best results, you must avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks, as these increase tooth decay.