Restore Your Teeth With Minimally Invasive Cavity Fillings

Mosaic Dentistry is committed to doing everything possible to protect and preserve your natural teeth.

We are not quick to fill every cavity or drill every tooth. Instead, we take each situation case by case, examining your teeth carefully and patiently to determine the best way to care for that specific tooth.

Occasionally, we may not even recommend a filling at all. Other times, we will fill larger cavities rather than performing a more invasive procedure, like a crown.

Dr. Gillespie DDS

Not All Dental Fillings Are The Same

Fiber-Reinforced Fillings

We use Kevlar-like fabric to reinforce the filling and protect the tooth. This prevents premature splitting or fracturing of the tooth, making the filling stronger.

Biomimetic Fillings

Mosaic Dental practices Biomimetic Dentistry, a much less invasive, and more restorative dental approach than traditional dentistry practices.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Composite fillings, or tooth colored fillings, don’t only look more natural than amalgam (silver fillings). Studies suggest composite is safer and requires removing less of the tooth.

How We Do It

Early Detection

Early detection of decay allows us to perform the least invasive procedures to save a tooth. With our alternative decay detecting methods, we can give your tooth new life. Treating early prevents future pain, financial burden, and time in the dental chair.

Less Radiation

While traditional radiographs are necessary in some cases, we also offer other decay detecting methods. Using digital radiography, we can reduce radiation by 90%. Our Itero Scanner allows us to see decay without the use of radiation. Caries-detecting dye stains the diseased tissue and allows Dr. Gillespie to remove as little of the tooth’s structure as necessary.

Do I need a filling or a crown?

At Mosaic Dentistry, we’ve successfully eliminated the need for crowns in a majority of cases. As a result, we’ve seen a significant reduction in the need for root canals, which can be caused by the crown procedure.

Many of our patients have been told they need a crown, only to find out there are other solutions that are less invasive and gentler on your healthy tooth structure.

Benefits Of A Filling Over A Crown

Fillings are more affordable than crowns in the long run. Typically, you’ll need to replace a crown every 5 to 7 years. In contrast, most people go more than ten years before they need to replace a filling.

FIllings also often safeguard your teeth better than a crown will. Tooth fillings come with very little risk of extraction. That’s why, when possible, our dental care team will recommend a large filling over a crown in many cases.

Most of our patients save money and, more importantly, their teeth, in the long run by getting a tooth filled. However, in the rare circumstance that a tooth cannot be restored with a filling, we also offer crowns.

How Much Does A Cavity Filling Cost?

Mosaic Dental strives to offer affordable dental care by approaching dentistry differently. Before determining the cost of your filling, we will perform a full oral examination to decide whether you even need a filling at all. (Not all cavities need to be filled).

Our goal is to preserve as much of your tooth as we can, and restore what we can’t as naturally as possible.

In addition to providing affordable fillings, we also offer a variety of dental plans that are easy on your budget and include a range of benefits and significant savings.

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