Minimally Invasive
Dental Care

A natural approach to preserving your teeth.

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You Deserve So Much More Than A Confident Smile

Much of today’s dental care promises you a better looking smile. Few promise to restore and protect your natural teeth.

At Mosaic Dental, we believe your oral health is just as important as your smile.

When you leave our Tyler dentist, you’ll not only feel more secure about your smile. You’ll also be confident that your teeth are stronger and healthier than when you walked in.

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Dental Care in Tyler, TX

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Patients Love Our
Dentist & Staff

“Dr. Gillespie is always searching for… minimally-invasive ways to heal and fix teeth. His method of treating cavities is a night and day difference from any other dentist I’ve ever been to!”
- Joanna Alders

“I have a beautiful smile again… [Mosaic] dental care has changed my life forever!“
- James Johnson

“I was scared of the Dentist. They truly went the extra mile to make sure that I was comfortable, & made the procedure (2 teeth were extracted...) almost completely painless.”
- Ms. Miller

Cleaner & Safer
Dental Care

Sterilized Water Lines

If bacteria spreads at a dental office, the water lines are often to blame. Rather than water from the tap, we use a quadruple filtration system and ozonate our water lines to prevent the spread of diseases.

Spore Tested Tools

Our tools are tested by a third party that provides monthly comprehensive dental monitoring. These tests are called spore tests. They help ensure every tool we say is sterile… really is.

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